Accommodations; Asian, European Or American?

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to choosing a hotel when travelling. Specially if you are travelling to another country or a different continent, this difference in taste becomes prominent. If you travel to other countries often, you must have figured out the right type of accommodations for you, most probably. But if you are a traveler who loves to go abroad once in a while, just to have a special and unique experience, finding the right accommodation will help you to make your trip phenomenal. This post is to compare and contrast the differences in three major accommodations around the world and they are categorized according to the continents and top ratings. These places, of course, have a lot other accommodation options, however, this comparison will provide you with a proper idea.

Let’s start with one of the continents with some major attractions. Asia is a large continent and has a lot of places that you can visit and enjoy. When you visit these places, accommodation would not be a big problem since these countries offer the arguably best affordable prices in the world. Their places are spacious and are very cheap compared to other continents. Also, these Asian countries are in the forward in trending the idea of boutique hostel. This is the best and ideal accommodation for backpackers.

Accommodations in Europe earns the second place when it comes to the cheap price. First place is Asia, as we discussed already. Most of these places are rated with 4 or 5 stars. And 7 out of 10 places in Europe have a majority of accommodations which are operated and managed by families. So if you are interested in more local hospitality, these places will please you. However, these hotels have received a black mark because of some complaints regarding the inefficient ventilation. But considering the landscapes and all the other activities that you can enjoy, these cons have no value.

These are the accommodations which are preferred by people who travel around the world. Arguably these hotels offer the best accommodation. However, most of these accommodations are pricey, hence are not affordable by general public. Bluntly put, these places are for the people with a good amount of money. They have iconic casinos within the buildings and honestly, this is the main source of income. Also, these accommodations offer large portions of food which is really interesting if you are a foodie. There are other places that you can find accommodations around the world, obviously. But if you are planning on traveling through continents, give these locations a try and you will not be disappointed.